Georgia Pick and Bow Traditional Music  School, Inc.

​Professional Teaching

Students can join Pick and Bow in 4th grade.   They can continue until they graduate.

Our professional instructors teach 20 lessons and a one-week summer camp every year.

We teach guitar, fiddle, mandolin, banjo and more. Students learn the old songs, sing and jam  together every lesson.  Kids love it!


Contact us we will try to help.

 We are a 501 (c) (3) organization, donations are deductible. 

​Sliding-Scale Tuition

We offer affordable instruction to students in Lumpkin County by using a sliding sca. 

We offer a sliding tuition scale so everyone can afford to learn – they just have to put in the practice. 

 How we preserve Appalachian tradition

​​Georgia Pick & Bow



Preserving and promoting the traditional music of our region of Appalachia by leading youngsters to play and sing in the old-time and bluegrass traditions.

Fall Classes Start  

Georgia Pick and Bow preserves Appalachian music.

Long Branch 1st Day:  August 29

Blackburn 1st Day:  September 4

LCES, LCMS, LCHS 1st Day:  September 6