​​Georgia Pick & Bow

Long Branch 1st Day:  August 29
Blackburn 1st Day:
 September 4
LCES, LCMS, LCHS 1st Day:  
September 6

What are classes like?

The first half of class is all about learning to play the instrument.

The second half of class is group singing and jamming together.  We teach old-time style music in the Appalachian tradition.

Who can join classes?

Children in 4th - 12th grades can attend classes.  Students from local schools and home schooled children are all welcome.

Beginners can join in the fall of the school year.  Spring is a continuance of the fall classes.

Fall 2018 Class Start Dates:

Georgia Pick and Bow Traditional Music  School, Inc.

Georgia Pick and Bow preserves Appalachian music by offering affordable instruction to students in grades 4 through 12 in Lumpkin County.   We offer a sliding tuition scale so everyone can afford to learn – they just have to put in the practice.  Our classes are fun.  We learn the old songs and sing together!  We are a 501 (c) (3) organization. 

Each fall and each spring Pick and Bow offers 10 lessons in 3 schools. 

After-school lessons include: beginning, intermediate and advanced instrument lessons.   

​We also have a recital, and a public jam each session.


Instruments are available in each fall and spring session for a $15 borrowing fee each session.

Where are classes held?

* Lumpkin County Middle School

* Blackburn Elementary

* Long Branch Elementary

Fall and Spring Sessions


Cost is based on your family 's "school lunch price" within the Lumpkin County School System.  

* Regular Price - $125

* Reduced Price Lunch - $60

* Free Price Lunch - $30

What time are classes?

* Lumpkin County Middle School  - Thursday, after-school until 4:30 PM        

* Lumpkin County Elementary School  - Thursday, after-school until 4:30 PM       * Blackburn Elementary School- Tuesday, after-school until 4:15 PM        

* Long Branch Elementary School - Wednesday, after-school until 4:15 PM