Georgia Pick and Bow Traditional Music  School, Inc.

Georgia Pick and Bow preserves Appalachian music by offering affordable instruction to students in grades 4 through 12 in Lumpkin County.   We offer a sliding tuition scale so everyone can afford to learn – they just have to put in the practice.  Our classes are fun.  We learn the old songs and sing together!  We are a 501 (c) (3) organization. 

​​Georgia Pick & Bow

  • A Scale2:30
  • Boil Them Cabbages A&B3:40
  • Old Joe Clark (58 bpm)3:28
  • D Scale3:24
  • Shortenin' Bread (42 mpg)2:25
  • Shortnin' Bread2:28
  • Rock the Cradle Lucy 45 bpm4:26
  • Rock the Cradle Lucy 60 bpm 3:19
  • Cluck Old Hen (42 bpm)2:30
  • Cluck Old Hen* (56 bpm)1:54
  • Sourwood Mountain 45 bpm2:16

Practice, Practice, Practice

and you could become 

a Pick and Bow AllStar !

1st Year Tunes: 

 Beginning Students Audio and Tab

Tabs : Georgia Pick and Bow "tabs"

Advanced Students Playing at the Ryman!